10 Fat-Burning Foods To Kick-Start Your Weight Loss


8. Full-Fat Greek Yogurt :
These yogurts are very nutritious. They are a great source of protein, potassium, and calcium.
They also contain probiotics that help keep your gut healthy, and also help with constipation or bloating.
The full-fat Greek yogurts also contain conjugated linoleic acid that promotes fat burning and weight loss.

Just make sure that you are buying plain, full-fat Greek yogurt. The nonfat or low-fat dairy products contain almost no conjugated linoleic acid.

9. Spinach :
*Foods To Promote Weight Loss – Spinach
You can call spinach a superfood. It is filled with lots of nutrients and contains almost zero calories.
Spinach will provide you with protein, iron, minerals, and vitamins. It is good for your skin, your bone health, and hair.

Add this superfood to your smoothies, eat it raw in salads or sautee it with some garlic and you have a delicious and healthy side dish.

10. Bananas :
*Foods To Promote Weight Loss – Bananas
Provide your body with a great source of potassium and magnesium by eating a banana. One banana was only about 100 calories and 3 grams of fiber and is a very satiating fruit.

Start your day with a banana to help boost your metabolism and burn off a few calories.

Bananas are great as a snack, you can enjoy them with some peanut butter or put them into your shakes and smoothies.

These are the fat-burning foods that will give your body the minerals and vitamins it needs. Add them to your daily meals to enjoy a healthy body and feel your best.

Say no to those fancy supplements that “promote” fat burning and weight loss. Instead, go for these ten natural fat-burning foods!

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